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Problem Statement_

The Texas Instruments brand needed an update in order to make it a current company once again. TI has been around for decades but is not as relevant as it once was, even though it continually makes innovative products. It is time to bring it up to date and demonstrate its current abilities and its future potential to the public.


Update the brand image while staying true to the soul and mission of TI, which is enabling people to make better and more advanced decisions by providing accessible data and information. Also to highlight where TI can go in the future with its new business sectors that embody its soul.


Identity, UI/UX Design, System, Book Design


Vast, Swift, Uplifting

Three bound books outline rebrand, and a website outlining the future of TI


Disclaimer: This project is a project for academic purposes. The project is a derivative work of art and it does not reflect the views of Texas Instruments or its affiliates.

The color palette includes a light electric blue and a deep Texas blue. The electric blue is bright and fast, while the Texas blue is vast and represents where the company is headquartered.

The sleek acrylic covers are bound with a metal wire, this ties nicely with the brand, since it is smooth, sleek, and strong. It is also laser-cut because it is extremely accurate and pairs with the smooth covers.

The graphic elements used throughout the website and book include small angled dashes spaced evenly apart, and a larger angled transparent line. The angle mimics the sleek angle of the logo and are used over images to show TI's global reach.

The final logo contains a spark of yellow on the lone star, is associated with ignition. The logo at an angle represents speed and swiftness.

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