Premium Wine Channel


A premium wine channel is needed to house all the different mediums that reach different groups of people. Including, a website, email newsletter, and style guide.


A digital place needed to house numerous articles, newsletters, events, toolkits, and podcasts, to reach a specific channel of people.


Start a dialogue that helps select Fine Wine Retail Customers connect with key clients (Consumers) in new ways. Our channels link them to the most current trends, and commentary in the premium wine space. Our conversation-starters focus on the business and social aspects of Fine Wine retailing.


Create a unique responsive website to display current articles, and have the ability to archive past articles. Also has many downloadable links and event promotions that wine retailers would be interested in. The website also needs its own design system and style guide that's easily recognizable to its viewers.

Website is fully responsive to accommodate for any width.

The site is designed to be easy to navigate and find the information that you are looking for; whether newly released or archived.

The email template links to the website and gives subscribers a captivating overview of this months articles. Designed to make subscribers feels special and that they are "in the know" when it comes to fine wine changes and advancements.