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Summit Rye

Problem Statement_

There are many outdoor moments and accomplishments that deserve and crave a sense of commemoration. They need to be honored and remembered in a special way.


Create a whiskey brand that represents celebrating an outdoor achievement, and encourages other people to do the same.


UI/UX Design, Branding, System Design, Packaging Design, Social Media


Rugged, Peaceful, Achievement, Adventurous

Whiskey Bottle, Social Media Channels, Website


The main portion of this website, the homepage, is designed to be a long scrolling homepage with parallax. It is designed this way to take the viewers through the journey of this product and they can connect to understand the importance of getting outside.

Each section of the homepage reinforces the importance of the product, guides you to the next section, and is paired with inspirational but also relatable photography.

A simple color palette of forest green and a natural tan was chosen to connect the product to nature, pair with the bottle label, and to let the outdoor photography shine through.

A strong slab serif was used as headlines, it portrays sturdiness and adventure while being easily legible.

The social channels are designed to encourage people to get outside by displaying pictures of outdoor lifestyle shots and showcasing the product outside. The social channels are also spaces to announce tastings and special events, such as, posting GPS locations to find hidden treasures and claim a bottle of Summit Rye.

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