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Problem Statement_

Multiple and misleading health claims/terms exist on most food labels. Many people buy these products but are unsure of their true meaning. Words such as ‘Natural’, ‘Organic’, ‘Free-Range’, etc. sound good but what do they really mean, and who regulates these terms?


To show people the true meanings of these health claims through the project’s multiple deliverables. This will help people to shop better for groceries and feel good about the purchases that they make for themselves and their families.


UI/UX Design, Identity, System


Clarity & Simplicity, Enlighten, Unveil

Poster Series, Logo, Label Guide, Website, and App

A sans serif, condensed typeface was used in order to clearly convey a long headline without consuming the entire poster.
The compact guide quickly assists people in their kitchens
Black and white, high contrast photography shows crops and food differently so it is not as appetizing as full color.
The colors used include a bold yellow in order to grab people's attention, and to highlight many important facts for the viewer. Two blues are used in order to be calming and contrasts the yellow to be clearly seen.
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