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Problem Statement_

Update a poorly designed sign that was not effective in communicating its purpose.


My goal overall was to sell the product. This was done through showcasing the condition of the product, while also showing its multiple capabilities as a spray paint gun. I was able to do this by creating an interactive website to illustrate its features, and creating a usage report to prove that it was in good condition for being a used product.


Visual System, UI/UX Design, Booklet Design

Technical, Sleek, Informative, Trusted, Professional


Poster Series, Usage Report, Website

The color palette includes a sleek gray to mimic the aluminum of the product, a golden yellow to highlight important features, and a bright pink to call out features and contrast the sleek gray.

The change in medium hints at the multiple surfaces that the product can be used on, and the graphics on the opaque paper draw attention to important pieces of information.

The sans serif condensed typeface work well to clearly display the large title on one page, it also portrays the sturdiness and sleek nature of the product.

The headline was paired with a slab serif, with little variation in stroke with, and a tall x-height. This was chosen since it appears sturdy and is highly legible as body copy.

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