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Problem Statement_

High school students need more guidance before they make decisions about college, a career, or a major. Currently they make decisions based on peer/family influence and misguided assumption, rather than true knowledge of their own personal talents and interests.


Show high school students the importance of dreams. If you can understand your dreams, then you can truly know yourself because your dreams are your inner consciousness trying to tell you something.


UI/UX Design

Directional, Insightful, Inspire, Dream-like, Calm


Website with 20+ pages

The colors were chosen to represent dream-like qualities and to appeal to high-school students, aged 16–18. This includes a soft and pastel purple, dark blue, light blue, and yellow. When combined on a gradient they create a beautiful rainbow of dreamy colors.

As the viewer scrolls through the pages, sometimes words will slowly become blocked out. This resembles dreams since they can be easily forgotten and blocked out of memory. But if you pay attention you can read the word before it disappears.

The site is constructed to be linear. This is so that viewers can work through the process and navigate through the site one step at a time. Each step teaches the viewer something new, and builds on the previous step.

The pictures are of teenagers or places that a teenager would dream about. They have a purple color treatment to match the color palette and to make it look unrealistic, and that it could be taking place in a dream.

The headlines were made to look light and airy by coloring them white, a high amount of tracking, and using Ingra Light. Ingra is also used for the body copy since it is easy to read, even when the paragraph has been given a wave-like shape.

A serif typeface, Leitura News Roman 4, was used as a sub-headline that pairs well with Ingra. It has rounded features and variation in stroke width, making it resemble dream-like qualities. It was also important to pick a newer typeface to appeal to teenagers, Leitura News was released in 2007.

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